We also report on government initiatives. There exists a government scheme that helps low-income families who now lack access to a PC and web access to get online from their homes. The programme is targeted at those that need it the most. If you are a poor family in receipt of some benefits you could qualify for a grant to purchase a computer and even a minimum of one year’s worth of internet access.

Our aim here is to comprehend unfolding governance obstacles and share its education with academic professionals, the public, those who make the policie and practitioners. Our goal is to offer long-term understanding and tactical insights, and so add to the development of effective governance apt to the requirements of the economy and people in the twenty-first century.

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With the general election approaching in May 2015, we are reporting ever more on the subtle changes within the major political parties. Will the Tories stay on top? Will Labour reclaim power? Will we be dealt another politician? And are the UK Independence Party a serious threat?

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Welcome to Ian Gibson MP and Labour news

Ian Gibson MP was a Labour MP for Norwich North from 1997 to 2009, voted in the same year as Tony Blair’s government. He last almost to the end of Labour’s thirteen years in government, through Blair’s two terms and Gordon Brown’s one term, until the expenses scandal in 2009 which was reported on by The Daily Telegraph.

Gibson had claimed for a flat where his daughter was living rent-free before he sold it to her for half its market value. He was thereafter banned in the next election by a panel of Labour peers.

After they decided his current status was "untenable", he stepped down as an MP, which brought about a by-election. This then went on to be won by Chloe Smith, the Tory MP. She won with a majority of over 7000, undoing the former Labour victory of 5,459.

Ian Gibson was awarded the Epolitix Health Champion prize. This was the third time consecutively that Dr. Gibson had been given this prize, something noted by celebrity cook Lloyd Grossman 'Dr Gibson has become the Brazil of this award', Grossman jested as he handed the prize to the member of parliament. Other winners included the former prime minister Gordon Brown for his work for Children and Young People and Sebastian Coe for his work on Sports and Education.

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